We've been married for eight years and together for eleven. Our photography business was started by Jamie over four years ago, and now we make the most awesome, observant, and dedicated team. We love working together and we love serving our clients with amazing wedding photos. 

we're Jamie & ryan

hey there!


I’m the quiet, creative type that prefers being behind the lens and taking your pictures. I laugh at any and every joke, and I care deeply about any animal I meet. I love to find what makes a person tick. I feel very strongly about giving you the best of me on your wedding day. I work hard to get the small, fleeting moments because I find those to be the most special. I love how every wedding has so many unique aspects to it that represent each couple perfectly. When people do things a little different and a little weird, I love it even more. To me that is fascinating, and it’s one of the reasons I am completely in love with my job.

I’ve been in communication my whole life and I really love getting to know people one on one (or two on two!) Jamie and I work so well as a duo because her natural eye, attention to detail and technical ability mesh perfectly with my desire to communicate, organize and direct. You get the best of both worlds that way. Despite working together, and, you know, being married, etc, I understand that I take a backseat to our dog, Kojak. Just meet Jamie one time. You’ll see.


When you get us, you get two people who absolutely adore and are skilled at what they do.

You trust that we will capture not only the most important and beautiful parts of your wedding day, but also that we will use our unique perspective to provide you with photos that nobody else can.


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